Tartarini Auto thanks Stefano Trombini for 40 years of Partnership

Thursday 13 April 2023, during a convivial meeting, as befits a relationship between old friends, we greeted with a toast Stefano Trombini who has decided to devote himself to his passions by concluding his activity in the gas sector. It was a moving moment after 40 years of close and fruitful collaboration, to [...]

Come and visit us in Lima, Perù on October 26-28th at booth #145


WE HAVE LISTED ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF ELECTRIC CARS ACCELERATIONWith the same power used, an electric car has greater acceleration than a combustion vehicle. The difference lies in the supply of the drive torque which in an electric motor is totally available from start up instead in an endothermic engine it is very low in [...]

Independent clean energy for Tartarini Auto

Tartarini Auto achieves energy independence by exploiting clean energy while respecting the environment. The new solar panels roof will garantee clean energy to the main manufacturing unit

Tartarini Auto Industries always present around the world

Tartarini Auto Industries always present around the world through its distributors who recognize the high quality of the products and the advantage of a plant that lasts for the entire useful life of the vehicle

Tartarini Auto Industries thanks Southern Automobiles Ltd, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Sole Administrator of Tartarini Auto Industries, Mr. Michele Tartarini delivers a plaque of thanks to Mr. Manaranjan Bhakta, Managing Director of Southern Automobiles Ltd. for his longterm business cooperation and friendship


The new Tartarini Auto LPG refuelling valve is innovative with all the other valves available on the market. Smoother, faster and safer with its cone-shaped technology. No more slow and noisy refills!

Welcome back Home !

Our CNG Fiat 308 is back home after 2 years spent at the Petersen Automotive museum in Los Angeles. Starting from today it is again the First Lady at the entrance of our main plant in Castel Maggiore

FLASH Android-Ready

Available soon the Flash App for Android Smartphone. Using the Smartphone Bluetooth connection and Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface, you can manage the vehicle calibration directly from the phone without the use of the Laptop.


Tartarini Auto presents its new line of electronic units "FLASH". Available with 32 and 48 pins (OBDII). New software functions to facilitate the carburation of the gas system, such as the calibration through the "line of points" that allows a faster and userfriendly injection adjustment.