Tartarini Auto lies its roots in a long and esteemed past. Its history and its products are the outcome of experience that has matured within the Auto Division of OMT Tartarini, which was founded in 1941 by the family founder, Mr. Aleardo Tartarini.
Investing resources in exploiting natural gas: this was the intuitive genius of the founder.
The idea developed in the days when the use of alternative energy represented a new possibility of development for the Italian car industry, which was slowly recovering at the end of the Second World War.
This challenging and strategically skilful intuition has, over sixty years, transformed a small company of skilled engineers, which was characterised by a strong pioneering spirit, into a dynamic and modern business.

Tartarini Auto currently represents a significant reference point for technological research dedicated to the use of alternative fuels.
In the nineties the company management passed to Mr. Roberto Tartarini who, driven by the same skilful business spirit as his father, took on the inheritance and accepted the challenge.
Under his guidance the company is heavily involved in ambitious projects relative to more advanced vehicle technologies.
Backed-up by an esteemed past Tartarini Auto is currently celebrating the end-of-century turning point, handing the company management over to Mr. Michele Tartarini, who with renewed passion and skill, assisted by his father’s experience, is projecting the company towards an ever ambitious future.